About us




Auckland, New Zealand

Ignition Networks is a New Zealand-owned and based integrator of deployable communications solutions. We work across commercial, government, and non-profit spaces; anywhere that may have a challenging or interesting communication requirement.

We are less bound by the actual technology but prefer to concentrate on delivering customer outcomes. We don’t focus on the problems but we’re not afraid of them either, in fact, solving communications challenges is somewhat of our speciality. We work with our customer to identify the specifics of what they require and build a solution that fits the needs of all stakeholders — the end-user, the IT department, and the organisation. We find best-of-breed Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products, and if appropriate, add Ignition-developed components to enhance the capability. Our solutions become a beautiful blend of other manufacturers’ excellent products and those developed entirely by Ignition Networks.

We understand the pain points of difficult communication issues, but also security and enterprise architecture. We listen carefully to what our customers require, and because of this, they often come back again and again as their needs change or technologies improve.