2-way radio networks have historically operated in isolation of other communications systems. As user requirements advance, capabilities such as cross-band linking, radio remoting, telephone integration and multi-organisation interoperability become increasingly important.

This can be complex, particularly where all equipment needs to be small and transportable. Ignition Networks has integrated solutions to meet many deployed RoIP requirements.

Ignition Networks is an authorised partner and reseller of Motorola Solutions and integrates RoIP solutions in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. We also recommend, distribute and support the Vocality line of products.


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Wave 5000


We leverage the products of Motorola Solutions and 3rd party gateway vendors to enable a software centric view of radio systems. The WAVE product, enables radio equipment from any vendor, to be remoted, patched and integrated with other systems, over any IP network. This includes wide area networks, satellite and line-of-sight links, in addition to the internet and 3G networks. This also enables access to all radio resources using role based provisioning, to an almost unlimited number of computer and mobile device users.

Wave 5000 differentiates itself from other RoIP platforms by being architected from the ground up to deliver exceptional performance over almost any IP bearer network.  This includes Multicast, Unicast, High latency and multi-hop networks.






Ignition Networks Radio over IP gateway of choice is the Basics Radio Relay from Vocality. Vocality are a world leader in providing products that help bridge the gap between traditional LMR radio and modern applications such as Motorola Solutions WAVE. They also offer technology that assists with bringing time critical data across high latency network links, such as BGAN Satellite networks. Ignition Networks have been deploying Vocality products in a range of different scenarios and can assist you with your requirements in the area of remote connectivity of mission critical data.

Ignition TUI 


TUIThe Ignition TUI Case provides the full remote functionality of an LMR Radio, Vocality Gateway and Multi Bearer Router to bring your remote radio operations back to a central point, such as Wave. The TUI Case is designed to be light weight, portable and provide exceptional flexibility with power and network connectivity options, while remaining weatherproof for outdoor conditions.

The TUI case is flexible to work with the network bearers and radio platforms you use and includes EAL 4+ accredited firewall supporting Suite-B IPSec encryption.

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