About Us

Communicate Anywhere


Established in 2010, Ignition Networks was created around the premise that "communication should be possible" whatever the circumstance. We believe that where there is a need to communicate, there is most often a means to enable communication. This may be downtown in a large city, on a remote tropical island, in the rugged New Zealand bush or down a mine shaft.

We are a "can-do" company and use our understanding of technology in operational environments to design communications solutions that meet specific needs. If it sounds fun, challenging and interesting, we will take a look at finding a solution. We don't guarantee we will find a solution, but are confident that where one exists, we will do a good job of implementing it. This approach leads to many happy customers who come back each time they require something new.

Ignition Networks prides itself on customer service and strives to ensure solutions deliver to our customers' expectations.


Communicate Anywhere: Ignition Networks exists to provide technology solutions to meet complex communications requirements.

Where the ability to communicate is paramount, Ignition Networks can assist. Whether the requirement is for voice communication - including conferencing, telephony and radio - or data communication - including incident management, field information gathering, wireless networks and welfare communications - we have experience in tailoring solutions to meet your requirements.

We are specialists in the Secure Communications requirements of Government agencies, and all our solutions can be implemented in a way that is accreditable to the appropriate standards.


At Ignition Networks, we think that the same courtesy we ask of our kids in the playground, works just as well for grown-ups in business. In essence, we believe that integrity comes down to “Play Nicely” and “Treat others the way we want to be treated”.

Ignition Networks values openness and integrity and fosters open relationships with clients and suppliers. We attempt to achieve a win/win situation in all our partnerships.

We encourage continual evaluation and improvement in our solutions. If we can possibly make it better, we will.